Content writers are in high demand in 2022 as more businesses are going towards expanding their online presence. As a result, there is a significant gap between content supply and demand. There is insufficient content supply because there are insufficient writers. This places a significant burden on the existing writers. They can, however, alleviate some of that burden by using article rewriting tools. Article rewriter tools can take an entire article as input and then change the words, phrases, and sentences. They make it appear as if it were written from scratch. The original meaning of the changed parts remains unchanged. While they are known as article rewriters, they are not limited to only articles. You can also use them to rewrite small sections or paragraphs of your text.

What Exactly Is an Article Rewriter Tool?

Article rewriter tools are software that paraphrases the inputted content into multiple versions without losing its meaning. All you have to do to use them is copy your content and paste it into the input box. The inputted content is considered the original, and the output is known as paraphrased content.

Top 3 Free Article Rewriting Tools For Beginners

Here are three of the best article rewriter tools to help you stay ahead of the competition:

1. Article Reword

2. Smart Paraphraser 

3. Quillbot

Article Reword: Article Reword provides a great article rewriter for free. This tool can rewrite any text you provide in a matter of seconds. The tool takes care to change words and phrases, resulting in an output. That is very different from the input. It even shifts some things from passive to active voice and vice versa. This tool does not support file uploads; the only way to input text is to type it into the input box or paste it. Once the input is complete, simply press the blue button. After that, the output will be displayed after a few seconds. You cannot upload anything, but you can easily download everything.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of using Article Reword are as follows:

* No ads

* No word limit

* No captcha.

This tool has only one disadvantage which may annoy some users. That is as follows:

Because input and output are not shown side by side, comparing them is difficult.

Smart Paraphraser

Smart Paraphraser is a free article rewriting tool that does not require registration. This article rewriter works by allowing you to type or paste your content into a text box. After that, pressing the "Paraphrase" button will start the text processing.

The output will be displayed in a separate textbox, allowing you to compare the original and rewritten text. The rewriting itself is quite good, as several changes have been made to the original text. Not only words but phrases and even sentences are altered. As a result, people who need to rewrite articles will undoubtedly find this tool useful.

Advantages and disadvantages

The following are the advantages of using the Smart Paraphraser rewriting tool:

* No ads

* No captcha

* Output result on a different textbox.

The only disadvantage of using this tool is:

90 words limit.


Quillbot article rewriter is another free tool that does not require registration to use. This tool, like the others on this list, is used in the same way. Simply copy and paste your article into the text box. Once you've pasted the article inside, simply click the green "Rephrase" button and the tool will get to work. It also does an excellent job. The rewritten text differs significantly from the actual text. The tool does an excellent job of replacing phrases, words, and sentences with synonymous ones.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of using Quillbot are:

* No ads

* No captcha 

* Displays comparison between input and output

* Shows what has been paraphrased.

The disadvantage of using Quillbot is 125 words limit.


These are the top three article rewriters available in 2022. All of these tools are available for free and do not require registration. Some of them have premium features that must be purchased in order to be accessed. Those who feel the need to use the premium features can upgrade, while the rest can stick with the free version. Writers who need to create various unique copies of the same article on relevant topics can use these tools.